Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thing #7: Exploring Flickr

Thing #7:

Inside AC-CCL

There is an overabundance of online photo-sharing sites: Snapfish, Picassa, Photobucket, etc... For Thing #7, we'll be looking at one in site in particular. Flickr, which calls itself the WD-40 that makes photo sharing easier, was one of the first websites to use tagging to help identify concepts and subjects. For instance, if you share a picture of your pet Rover and tag it "dog," it will be classified with all the other pictures of dogs on Flickr, allowing users to easily find pictures that interest them. Please take a good look at Flickr and discover what this site has to offer.

Try out Flickr's tour, search, and explore features.

To complete Thing #7, you have to do one of these two options (each one has three parts):

1) a- Take a good look around Flickr and discover an interesting image that you want to blog about. What did you search for to find it?

b - Find out what tags, groups, and interestingness are. A good place to start is the Explore page.

c- Create a blog post about this experience. Be sure to include a link to the image that you want to blog about. Check the Creative Commons license for the photo: many people allow you to use their pictures as long as you give them clear credit!


2) a- If you're up to an easy challenge, create a free account in Flickr.

b- Take some pictures of the library you work in, events, and people (be sure to get signed photographic releases, though!) that could be used in the upcoming Fontana Flyer issues. Upload some digital pictures to your Flickr account and tag at least one of the images “Fontana Regional Library” (in quotes) and mark it public.

c- Create a post in your blog about your photo and experience. Be sure to include the image in your post. Once you have a Flickr account, you have two options for doing this: through Flickr's blogging tool or using Blogger's photo upload feature.

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