Monday, May 12, 2008

Thing #12: Your Choice

Thing #12: Your Choice (Literally)

Congratulations on making it this far--you're halfway done! In celebration of this, Thing #12 is your choice. Just blog about anything technology related. It can be something you've learned, something you'd like to learn, your favorite exercise so far, a news article you read. Anything. Make sure you are reading a few other participants' blogs, though. Leave at least one comment on another blog, since the idea is to create new methods of communicating and connecting. Remember, you can find the other blogs listed here.

There's one more thing to do for Thing #12 and it's very important: Choose the incentive you'd want to receive at the completion of all 23 Things. In your blog post, you also have to let us know which prize you want. Your options are an mp3 player, a memory card reader, or a flash drive. The staff development team will be picking out the brands, but rest assured that we'll pick quality ones for you. You still have to complete all the exercises through #23 to get your prize, though. We'll be checking and commenting on your blogs all the way until the end!

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Melanie said...

I just read an artical from The Independent newspaper about the polar ice cap dissappearing. It really worries me that as a society we have come to this state of extenction. I can't believe that humans, who are reported to be the smartest of the species, have allowed this to happen. WAKE UP PEOPLE. We are not going the have a home if we don't start doing something now to save Mother Earth. Change a light bulb, drive slower, we can all make adifference, we just need to start somewhere.