Monday, May 12, 2008

Thing #11: Digg

Thing #11: Digg

CNN, Fox News, MSN, and many others. Blogs, podcasts, and more. There are so many sites out there, how do you find notable items of interest? What's worthy of looking at? At Digg, users can select specific stories or sites that they think deserve attention or that others might find interesting. As you digg certain items, the votes are tallied to give items a cumulative score and push them up in ranking. By creating an account with Digg, you can join in the conversation by submitting items and posting comments. You can search for specific topics that interest you, or browse by category.

To finish Thing #11:

1. Explore Digg (you don't necessarily have to set up an account, but do look around).

3. Create a post about this site. Post a link to one item that you might not have otherwise discovered.

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Melanie said...

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