Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thing #6: Finding More Feeds

Thing #6: Finding More Feeds

Now that you've practiced adding some Fontana Learning blog feeds to your Google Reader account, try finding other RSS feeds that interest you and add them to your account. Check out some of these resources...

  • Use the search tool on Google Reader.

  • Browse Technorati, an online directory of sorts for blogs. Search for "library" and see what comes up. The search will bring up four different sets of results: posts, blogs, photos, and videos.

To complete Things #5 and #6, you must:

  1. Reflect on both exercises in your blog!
  2. Answer some of the following questions: How does RSS affect the way you find information on the Internet? Which method of finding feeds do you like the most? How can libraries use this? What's your favorite feed? The weirdest? Blog away!

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