Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thing #22: NetLibrary

Thing #22: NetLibrary

NC Live, the collection of databases that are available for free to all NC residents and students, we have access to over 26,000 titles in both e-book and audiobook formats on NetLibrary (just click on the NetLibrary link on that page)...for free! You can listen to these audiobooks, which range from fiction to language lessons, on your computer, or on your new mp3 player, if you choose that as your incentive! ( Unfortunately, the NetLibrary files are NOT compatible with iPods.) To download materials, you must first create a new account with NetLibrary. However, you are not required to do so for this exercise.

To complete Thing #22 (!):

1) Just familiarize yourself a bit with the structure of
NetLibrary's Downloadable eAudiobooks site and get an idea of the types of titles you can find here.

2) Find some information on downloading and listening to the files.

3) Create a blog post: what's allowed and what's not allowed? How does it all work? How would patrons like this site? Did you locate a title that you might want to try out and download?

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